"We're talking about care of the self like the capital S self. What brings you joy? What lights you up? What makes you feel like a complete person?" 

I've got a question for you today...when was the last time you focused on yourself? Not your parent self? not your wife/husband self. Not business you self...I mean You, you the person.  It's a bit of a big question, and you may have trouble answering it without resorting back to those other parts of you, to come up with that answer.

Today's episode we're going to dive into:

  • What truly brings you joy in life, and how that could be part of the key to "having it all"
  • How you measure your success, and is it enough for you?
  • The realization that no THING, and no ONE is ever going to be enough for you, until YOU are enough for you.

 You may want to listen to this one on repeat today Lovely.

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