Today I am having a beautiful conversation about marriage and how to stay married with Shantelle & Yannick Bisson. 

Shantelle is a published author and small business owner, and her husband Yannick is an internationally celebrated actor who can be seen on CBC's Murdoch Mysteries. The two are celebrating 33 years married and 3 beautiful children and today they share what is can take to stay married.

We are talking about;

  • The balance of the hard & the easy parts of life that are required to stay married to your person
  • How healing our past stories/traumas play an integral role in our relationships
  • Growing together over the years even as your interests, and you as a person continually change and grow.
  • And so much more...

I loved this conversation & hope you will too. So grab some tacos and let's dive in, okay?!

You can read through the full transcription of today's episode HERE

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