In today's episode I am talking to Jo Reynolds.  Jo is the CEO of Sexy AF Spirits, hand crafted, non alcoholic spirits using only the finest botanicals and natural ingredients from around the world.

We're talking all about;

  • The story behind how Jo's Sexy AF Spirits came to be.
  • How to make living the SOBER life easy, playful, and sexy - not awkward, judgy, or non-inclusive like it can feel.
  • My own personal decision and journey to living a sober life
  • And much more...

I loved this conversation & hope you will too. So grab some tacos, a virgin G&T, and let's dive in, okay?!

For more info on Sexy AF Spirits head over to, you can use the code WILCOX15 at checkout to try out the collection for yourself, and if you email me directly at, I'll personally send you my favourite NAgroni recipe (non-alcoholic negroni) to toast the weekend. Find them over on instagram @sexyafspiritsjo

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